EDLIGO is a fully integrated solution that empowers TVET institutions with a capacity to continuously and directly monitor their educational impact on learners’ development. EDLIGO allows institutions to track competencies of each individual learner and creates an evidence of growth record in real time. It offers systems that deliver progress mechanics, certification tools and an Adaptive Intelligent Tutoring System that delivers AI recommendations to trainers and learners.


EDLIGO for Quality Assurance
Support quality assurance systems with an integrated data analytics tool

  • Underpin quality assurance systems within your institution with informative data analytics.
  • Identify issues early on and respond proactively rather than reactively.
  • Integrate KPIs and gauge associated actions in real time (Input – Process – Output – Context).
  • Continuously monitor attrition / participation / completion rates.
  • Access information at system and provider level.
  • Understand impact on different groups of learners.

Comprehensive Oversight
Maintain oversight on learners’ academic and work-based phases

  • The EDLIGO platform delivers real-time insights for better performance tracking.
  • Implement quality benchmarks and standards for all stakeholders to access and understand simultaneously.
  • Continuous benchmarking and comparative progress on national and global levels.
  • Identify and address variations to ongoing performance outcomes.
  • Understand how policy changes are affecting different learner groups.

Strategic Planning
Leverage EDLIGO’s strategic planning function to create strategic objectives at reflects these objectives in operational plans

  • Informed strategic planning, set objectives, and shape action plans.
  • Organize policy implementation, establish KPIs and designate responsibilities.
  • Follow up through insightful, interactive dashboards understand what is working and what is not.
  • Gauge progress towards goals and respond proactively when necessary.

Dashboards for Insights & Foresight
Digitally transform the manner in which you view connected data and inform current and future planning

  • Merge and process a large and diverse volume of data linked to your entire vocational education system.
  • Allow users to draw information on academy, classroom, educator and learner performance using tailored, intuitive dashboards.
  • Decision makers gain insights to identify and address issues impacting performance and systematic governance.
  • Leverage AI informed analysis to broaden understanding of various patterns.
  • Integrate EDLIGO seamlessly as part of your e-learning environment.

Advanced Analytics and AI
Leverage AI and Machine Learning to strengthen the decision-making process in TVET institutes

  • EDLIGO utilizes predictive analytics and innovative machine learning algorithms to measure according to your organization’s unique requirements.
  • It offers solutions for ability analysis that assess and monitor students’ learning objectives and performance and use that information to provide insights into educative effectiveness, assessment, professional learning and more.
  • Users receive recommendation for next steps or alternative resolutions drawn from AI algorithms and associated suggestions are offered to support educational goals.
  • Real time access to data through intuitive visuals and graphical displays coupled with the power of AI and machine learning and broad spectrum of satellite functionalities to choose from makes EDLIGO a powerful tool in any TVET system’s development plans. It is a futureproof, highly scalable, secure and robust platform which can be easily integrated in existing environments.