EDLIGO is a software that offers teachers a comprehensive platform with fully integrated features for preparing, implementing, designing and evaluating personalized learning experiences, monitoring their students’ learning progress and academic achievements. Making all types of data on students, standards, curriculum, assessment, and resources available in real-time for educators, EDLIGO aims to provide teachers the information they need to help their students succeed. EDLIGO provides a holistic 360° view of students and empowers teachers with ability to:

  • Manage standards based curricula like Common Core, in real-time
  • Innovate using the interactive digital lesson planning platform
  • Understand student aptitudes and design personalized learning experiences
  • Maintain a 360° view of your students using rich intuitive dashboards
  • Collaborate, communicate and share feedback with different stakeholders


Instantaneous Dashboards
Real-time analytics and AI informed suggestions

  • Gauge students’ key performance indicators against established success criteria, monitor lesson plan delivery, access assessment records and take advantage of other data processing tools in real-time.
  • Interactive, intuitive and instantaneous dashboards at student, subject, grade and section levels allow to navigate seamlessly through comprehensive key metrics that support to gather insights, draw conclusions and take appropriate actions.
  • AI is applied to render supportive suggestions linked to learning recommendations.
  • With quick access to performance data, educators can quickly determine what their students know and how they should move forward.

Personalized Student Learning Experiences
Track learners through micro-level insights into individual or group learning

  • Add a dimension of evidence-based information to a teacher’s understanding of class and student activities through the dashboards.
  • Receive an overview of class-group progress through micro-level insights delivered by the EDLIGO platform.
  • Empowered with a 360° view of students’ data including performance, skill level and attendance information, educators are able to determine what’s working for every student and act to personalize and improve learning experiences.

Action Driven Analytics
Understand evidence of progress towards set goals in a more intuitive manner

  • Explore student profiles and visualize progress with EDLIGO’s prescriptive and advanced analytical systems.
  • Aggregate evidence and support evidence of growth and progress through visual track records.
  • Determine if students are at risk, on par or exceeding expectations through comparative analytics at a subject, grade and section level.
  • Empower effective formative assessment, and understand continuous assessment over longer timescales.

Artificial Intelligence In action
Leverage AI and Machine Learning to strengthen the decision-making process

  • AI algorithms offer the capacity to determine if tasks are appropriate for the individual student by comparing student aptitude and task difficulty on the same scale.
  • Other AI models for micro-analytics cover any set of curricular standards and leverage learning outcomes data and item level analytics to provide educators with the immediate results they need.
  • Recommendation of next steps or alternative resolutions are drawn through the AI algorithms and suggestions are offered to support educational goals.

Education Standards
EDLIGO is customizable to any educational context

  • Educators can browse, group and organize already configured and detailed standards such as Common Core State Standards.
  • Organize learning objectives on a timeline and track progress accordingly.
  • Teachers use clustered standards to plan units and develop lessons in a smooth and structured way.
  • EDLIGO offers an intuitive way for determining the standards for different class groups and sharing them with students and parents.
  • Students are able to visualize their actions on the interactive learning path and track their completion of standards progress in a sequenced record of work.

Lesson Planning
Teachers can digitize their curriculum according to their preferences

  • EDLIGO’s intuitive and integrated digital lesson planning platform allows teachers to assign standards to courses, allocate teaching time over the duration of the course and organize digital resources according to their needs.
  • Allocate resources and to different groups according to their needs and competencies.
  • Associate and schedule assessment and link certification and progress mechanics accordingly.
  • Support curricular alignment to real-time data analysis and student information to describe progression and track goal achievement.

Collaboration and Communication
Teamwork amongst educators and communication amongst stakeholders is integrated into the system

  • EDLIGO has been designed to improve systems of collaboration and communication between various stakeholders.
  • It facilitates immediate reporting and feedback along established and secure lines and allows easy access to emails, social networks, and content resources for moderated controlled groups.
  • Scheduling, assignment and assessment dates, schemes of work and resource files, amongst other digital resources, can be communicated to respective stakeholders.
  • The system offers controls to customize communication rules according to in-house, regional or international Data Protection rules and regulations.