EDLIGO provides a detailed overview of the ever changing state of education and empowers decision makers with the ability to:

  • Visualize the realities of what is happening at any level of the educational collective
  • Align school and regional programs to strategic goals and predefined standards
  • Map or align curricula across a broad educative diaspora
  • Comparatively review school and district data to identify resource or support allocation
  • Understand how changes in policy are impacting different aggregations of learners
  • Garner insights from district level data to inform next-stage processes
  • Render an immediate situational picture of the state of affairs underpinned by up-to-date educational data
  • Monitor broad scale learning progress with real-time insights and intuitive dashboards
  • Collect and analyse feedback and engage with stakeholders, district stakeholders and community members
  • Feel confident managing staff, professional development and resources effectively


Strategic and Operational Planning
Coordination, communication and collaboration tools strengthen strategic and operational resonance across districts & schools

  • EDLIGO empowers school and district leaders to establish better informed strategic objectives, shape action plans and designate responsibilities.
  • It also allows them to track actions and progress and respond proactively to issues sooner rather than later.
  • Real-time oversight at any level of the operational organisation improves educational effectiveness and allows decision makers the facility to achieve and exceed objectives.
  • EDLIGO’s deep analytics and interactive dashboards allow stakeholders and decision makers alike to access a broad array of data-powered information through a single interface.
  • Data connectivity capacities allow the integration and processing a wide range of data elements through a variety of SISs and LMSs and connect that data to facilitate greater congruence and transparency across regional zones.
  • EDLIGO stimulates direct and immediate communication between stakeholders through easy access to information including attendance, behavior, and progress reports.
  • It provides an intuitive tool to run and manage surveys and empowers leadership to gather direct feedback from stakeholders.

Action-driven Dashboards and Analytics
Connected data renders a comprehensive picture of school level information, actions and progress

  • EDLIGO consolidates and connects data and metrics at different educative levels: student, class group, grade, school and district.
  • Relevant data is determined according to needs and accessibility and can include elements such as enrollment, demographics and attendance; continuous, formative or summative assessment results; attainment; progress or student feedback.
  • Student outcomes are linked to standards allowing quicker responses to variations in progress and immediate communication with stakeholders and improved action planning.
  • A comprehensive data model covering the different education domains facilitates the identification of strengths and weaknesses and informs key initiatives and strategies through evidence-based analysis.

Curriculum oversight and resource management
Administrative oversight begin from high level views and allow drill-down capacity to understand the details

  • Easy to use impactful dashboards and reports help leadership follow up on teaching staff achievements, monitor progress against key performance metrics, develop strengths and bridge performance gaps.
  • Curriculum planners, school and district leaders can import, create and assign standards for courses. They can also define expected mastery levels, recommend resources and plan for success by predefining goals.
  • The curriculum planning platform caters to personalized learning plans for different student groups, including special needs and gifted / talented students.
  • Resources obtained centrally or locally can be tracked and allocated to schools and linked to courses in order to maintain a high-quality teaching experience and ensure a greater efficiency in management of school resources.

Performance Management & Professional Development
Simple to use tools and trackers allow long term monitoring and future planning

  • EDLIGO empowers leadership with a comprehensive performance management module that simplifies educator evaluations from setting the goals and directions to tracking results and identifying areas for development.
  • Sustained and engaging professional development is intricately linked to the growth and progress of student learning.
  • EDLIGO’s professional development module supports the organization of professional development efforts by helping organizers define domains, plan workshops, and act collaboratively on the creation of content.
  • It facilitates the planning of training sessions and offers a professional development dashboard that allows leadership to measure progress and define timely actions.