EDLIGO provides education departments and organizations with:

  • A single, authoritative platform to gain real-time insights for better performance & governance
  • Capacity to identify and address root causes impacting performance
  • Standards alignment for continuous benchmarking and comparative progress
  • Foresight for leadership and decision makers for strategic planning
  • Common contexts to improve communications with local communities and organisations
  • A successful education digital transformation, leveraging connected data and the latest AI and data analytics advancements

Strategic Planning
Coordination, tracking and proactive information made accessible in real time for educational leadership and decision makers

  • EDLIGO strategic planning function allows the creation of strategic objectives at local, regional and national levels and reflects these objectives in operational plans.
  • Follow up on planning and policy implementation through insightful, interactive dashboards.
  • Promptly see what strategies are working and gauge progress towards their targets.
  • Determine appropriate response plans and take timely actions.

Dashboards for Insights & Foresight
Real time tracking of educational progress and impact across educational districts

  • EDLIGO offers a powerful capacity to consolidate and handle an immense and diverse volume of data linked to the entire educational system.
  • At a glance, users can derive information about state, district, school, classroom and student performance by analyzing data through tailored, intuitive dashboards.
  • EDLIGO gives policy makers the insights they need to identify and address issues impacting performance & systematic governance.

AI and Advanced Analytics
Leverage AI to strengthen the decision-making process

  • EDLIGO utilizes various AI methods and innovative algorithms to address each organization’s and domain’s unique requirements.
  • It offers solutions for ability analysis that assess and monitor students’ learning objectives and performance, and use that information to provide insights into educative effectiveness, assessment, professional learning and more.
  • Algorithms for scenario planning help assessing potential impact before taking important decisions.

Global Competitiveness
Understand wide scale realities and comparative analysis

  • Standards are a critical organizational component of today’s global education environment where everyone works towards improved competitiveness, excellence and leadership on national and global scales.
  • EDLIGO empowers state education departments and agency leadership with a comprehensive solution to ensure alignment and guidance against national/global academic standards.
  • It allows them to monitor all aspects of progress through performance metrics and determine education effectiveness in real time.
  • Educational leadership is able to continuously benchmark their levels of schooling and retain positive momentum in their efforts.

Digital Transformation
Support a coordinated digital transformation at any and all levels of education

  • EDLIGO has become a core ingredient in the digital transformation roadmap that educational institutions are embracing as they move towards implementing digitization, effective use of data, AI and analytics.
  • EDLIGO offers all the characteristics needed to underpin the journey towards a digital educational environment and accelerates adoption by using the latest technologies in education operations.
  • Real time access to data through intuitive visuals and graphical displays coupled with the power of AI and machine learning and broad spectrum of satellite functionalities to choose from makes EDLIGO a powerful tool for the digital transformation.
  • It is a futureproof, highly scalable, secure and robust platform which can be easily integrated in existing environments.