Talent and Learning Analytics for Corporations and Education

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Talent and Learning Analyics for Corporations and Education


AI-powered talent and learning analytics

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Talent and Learning Analytics for Education

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Talent and Learning Analytics for Corporations and Education

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Talent and Learning Analytics for Corporations and Education

Talent Analytics

Talent and Learning Analytics

AI-powered talent and performance analytics for corporations


Highlights of Talent Analytics

  • Clear, objective and data-driven baseline of your people
  • Effective measurement of upskilling and reskilling inline with your strategy
  • Tailored, targeted and timely measures to drive performance
  • Early identification of future leaders
  • Structured mobility of talent including rotation, promotion, succession

Learning Analytics

AI-powered talent and learning analytics

Patent-winning K12, TVET and HigherEd AI & Analytics for ministries, academies and schools

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Highlights of Learning Analytics

  • From reactive to proactive use of data –  made accessible in real time
  • Visualize the realities of what is happening at any level
  • Monitor and drive learning progress with real-time insights and intuitive dashboards
  • Target academic support and design personalized learning experiences
  • Establish a quality assurance framework with integrated data analytics and AI

Talent and Learning Analytics for Corporations and Education

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Talent and Learning Analytics for Corporations and Education


The AI-Native Talent & Learning Solution

EDLIGO empowers leaders and learners in various settings (e.g. corporations, training centers, K-12, colleges and universities) with AI-based talent and learning analytics that help drive focused actions targeted at helping everyone succeed.

EDLIGO enables users to assess the efficacy of a wide range of factors related to their skills, performance, learning and development. EDLIGO’s interactive dashboards, deep analytics and innovative AI lead to timely and effective fact based decision making.

EDLIGO proved to scale from one team to corporate level, from one classroom to state level.

It stands out with rapid deployment and high data privacy and security standards.

Selected Clients and Partners

EDLIGO is the most comprehensive data dashboard I have ever observed. Given the most important factor influencing student achievement, a guaranteed and viable curriculum (Marzano, 2000), this software allows teachers and leaders to efficiently and effectively monitor the distribution and mastery of the standards.

Not only does EDLIGO provide analytics for data, but it provides mapping capabilities so that curriculum directors, principals and superintendents can view when the standards will be taught on a calendar while providing teachers with a template to distribute the standards into lessons. Most importantly, this software houses student profile information on students so that teachers can begin planning by looking at the strengths and opportunities facing students as they begin units of instruction.

Furthermore, this software shows cause and effect data so that as the standards are taught, educators can view the effects of various resources and instructional strategies that were most effective for internal program evaluations. An added beauty of EDLIGO is that it shows correlations from PISA data to forecast actionable plans for school improvement.

In my opinion, EDLIGO will become the educational industry standard for data analysis in the 21st Century.

Brandon Doubek, Ed.D.

The Ministry of Vocational Training & Employment in collaboration with the Tunisian Vocational Training Center signed a six years progam for Microsoft Imagine Academy & Certification covering 40’000 vouchers exams yearly for around 15’000 students from 70 Vocational Training Centers.

We have been using Microsoft Imagine Academy & Certification program for 5 years now. Overall, we were satisfied with the program as it has been equipping our trainees with the required skills for a better employment. However, we had very limited visibility on the progress. Furthermore, we were unable to produce reports showing different statistics, gain various types of insight,  and  communicate effectively. Also we were unable to identify training centers and students requiring intervention.

With the introduction of EDLIGO the EDUCATION4SIGHT platform for advanced analytics; we were able to monitor the program and deliver to decision makers the far improved and appropriate level of information. This is key to make informed decisions. The intuitive user interface was a key success factor. What stroke us the most is that we were able to have a solution implemented within a few weeks.

EDUCATION4SIGHT has performed superbly on this project and have been a joy to work with. We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the EDUCATION4SIGHT team and look forward to working with them on future projects.

Ministry of Vocational Education & Employment

In an era when schools are preparing students for life in a global competitive field, we need new kinds of information in real time to help make informed teaching decisions that will increase students’ knowledge and their creative potential.

EDLIGO is the only modern solution that addresses the challenge of needing to clearly see the myriad of variables inside and outside the classroom for the purpose of effective planning for the learning and teaching process.

Teachers and school leaders in our district are now experiencing breakthrough moments as we continuously use data in our decision making process.

Larry Audet, Ph.D., Superintendent / Laton USD, California

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EDUCATION4SIGHT is a leading company specialized in AI-powered talent and learning analytics.

We empower our customers with AI-powered solutions that help drive focused actions targeted at helping corporates and education institutions to develop and succeed.

Rooted in Erlangen, home of Germany’s number 1 innovative university, we aspire to be at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Talent and Learning Analytics for Corporations and Education

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